What Branded Paper Bags Say About Your Business
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13th December 2019
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What Branded Paper Bags Say About Your Business

What Branded Paper Bags Say About Your Business

Tables stacked with free drinks and goodie bags are the best features of any corporate do. Many employees, colleagues, and clients enjoy the excuse for a good night out on the tiles and to let their hair down. Events are just one use for branded paper bags. At Kiki Bag, we know better than anyone that they’re a great way to get your name out onto the streets and start promoting in a way that also treats the planet kindly.

What Does Eco-friendly Packaging Say About Your Brand?

Branding is not just about pretty pictures and choosing the right font – although both of those are great fun. A brand should be about what your company’s values are and what your fundamental character is. Your imagery and marketing material should emanate your brand through the tone of voice and visuals you project into the world. Therefore, choosing items that carry your brand and logo on them should be an embodiment of what you stand for.

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Keep reading the blog as we reveal 3 ways that a branded paper bag in a function room can speak volumes for your branding.

#1: Eco-friendly Packaging Says Your Brand is Eco-conscious

Those who value the Earth’s eco-system know the importance of reusing used materials. Choosing bags that are not only recyclable but also biodegradable shows that you are a company that practices with high morals. This in itself carries a lot of intrinsic value for customers.

#2: Sustainable Packaging Says Your Brand Stands for Quality

The main difference between paper bags and plastic bags is their ability to stand upright. Plastic equivalents rely on the products inside to hold them upright, but a paper alternative can carry your logo in a visible position on any table or presentation surface

#3: Earth-friendly Packaging Says That Comfort & Convenience is Important to Your Brand

There’s something that’s just inherently much more comfortable about carrying a paper bag. After a while, heavy objects can pull on the thin handles of plastic bags, causing them to slice into our hands; particularly unbearable if you’re on your feet all day. Providing comfort shows you’ve thought about the customer, too.

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Make Your Brand’s Message Count, No Matter the Occasion

Whatever you end up using your goodie bags for, it’s important to really make your brand speak volumes on the day. Having a paper bag to hold free giveaways is the best way to ensure that your name lands on their desk when they get back home. When it comes to brand-building, remember to work on your business’ overall presentation. Make sure your business is reaching out to the right people and offering exemplary customer service. Those inherent values should come across when you meet new customers and clients.

The Takeaway

Providing branded goodie bags is not just a mark of quality, but also conscience. Being able to see your brand logo sitting upright is a strategically smart move, as it ensures that your company name is constantly on show. On top of this, you are showing customers that you do not have a disposable attitude to your giveaways. It shows those who swing by your company that you have a vision for the future; and a much more eco-conscious one at that.

Expland Your Brand with Branded Paper Bags from Kiki Bag!

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