7 Ways to Repurpose Paper Bags After Christmas
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6th November 2019
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13th December 2019

7 Ways to Repurpose Paper Bags After Christmas

At Kiki Bag, we just love the Christmas Season! It is such a joyous and exciting time, but it can also be wasteful too, with tons of wrapping and decorations being added to the landfill each year.

How to Be Kind to the Environment by Reusing Your Paper Bags

If you want to enjoy the Christmas season and also protect the environment, you should consider repurposing the paper bags that you have used to ensure that they remain useful in the future. Keep reading the blog as we reveal 7 ways to do just that.

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1. Paper Bags Make Excellent Gift Wrap

Once you have used your corporate paper bags over the Christmas season, turn your paper bags into gift wrap by tearing them down the seams, making them perfect for giving prizes to employees or even giving out gifts at your next conference. Although holiday gifts may be over, think about January and February birthdays to use a unique and eco-friendly alternative to non-recyclable gift wrap.

2. You Can Use Paper Bags for Storage

Although paper bags may be too flimsy to hold heavy items, use them to store office supplies, toiletries, or compartmentalize items in other types of storage holders, such as filing cabinets or wardrobes. You could also weave your paper bags for a stronger effect.

3. Paper Bags Can Be Uses for Food or Bouquets

Food and bouquets are often found in paper bags. Then, reuse the paper bags you already have to bring your takeaway back to the office or home or even to give your partner a special surprise.

4. Paper Bags Make Great Book Covers

If you are a reader, you will know how important it is that your books stay in pristine condition. A paper wrap can help them to stay protected in the office and can allow you to personalise plan notepads, as well as being used for children who have a tendency to damage their precious schoolbooks.

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5. You Can Use Paper Bags for Trendy Décor

Although you might not believe that paper bags make for great office and home décor, there are a number of crafts that suit paper bags well. These include making paper wreaths and flowers which you can use to decorate your office or home in the holiday seasons by placing these in a vase or on your door as a non-perishable alternative to real flowers.

6. Paper Bags Can Be Used for Scrapbooks or Notebooks

Not only can you cover your books with paper covers, but you can try repurposing paper gift bags to become notebooks and scrapbooks to use for group projects, to take notes at meetings, and for solo ventures. Simply cut or tear your paper bags into square shapes, use a hole-punch to make holes in the material, and then tie them together with string for a cheap alternative for your needs.

7. You Can Use Paper Bags to Create Envelopes or Cards

Envelopes can be difficult to procure in the size or durability that you desire, especially if you use the postal service on a regular basis. However, if you are looking for an envelope that has the extra strength that you need, paper bags can be made into strong envelopes that can protect their contents much better than shop-bought envelopes.

You can also fashion your paper bags into cards for the next holiday season by cutting your paper into a rectangle and then folding these down the middle. Make your office or family feel appreciated by personalizing these cards with a photo or image of your choice and sticking this to the card for a charming or humorous finishing touch.

Order Your Eco-Friendly Custom Paper Bags Now

When it comes to respecting the environment, our green custom packaging ticks all the sustainability boxes, so get in touch to order yours today.

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