10 Facts about the Paper Industry You Didn’t Know
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10 Facts about the Paper Industry You Didn’t Know

The pulp and paper industry has long since been an integral function of the world. A high number of products are made from paper or paper by-products, and an increase in online shopping and shipping demands means that even more paper is used on a daily basis. Kiki Bag is here to let you know that the paper industry has evolved immensely since its first conception, yet many people are unaware of the developments which have been made.

Paper is Taken for Granted in Everyday Life

Paper is something every individual is accustomed to having, but not many people consider the background, processes or development which has gone into the paper-making process. Keep reading the blog as we reveal 10 lesser-known factoids about paper.

Here are 10 Facts About Paper Production

Paper Fact #1: Paper was Actually First Invented in China.

In around 100 BC, a government official for the Chinese emperor was the first to begin a paper-making industry.

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Paper Fact #2: Paper was Originally Made from Chopped Tree Bark, Hemp & Water.

It would then be pressed and left to dry out in the sunlight.

Paper Fact #3: A Single Pine Tree is Capable of Producing Around 80 500 Sheets of Paper.

Paper Fact #4: Despite the Advancements in Technology & the Ability to Access More Online.

The usage of paper is actually growing with every passing year.

Paper Fact #5: Each Year, Americans use around 70 million Tons of Paper.

This high amount of usage is also why recycling paper is so crucial.

Paper Fact #6: USA & Canada are Responsible for Being the Largest Producers of Paper by Quantity.

Finland, Japan and Sweden follow closely behind.

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Paper Fact #7: The Oldest Document from Europe was Written on Paper & Dates back to 1109.

This was a written deed by the Sicilian King.

Paper Fact #8: Paper was Particularly Hard to Find During the American Revolution.

Soldiers would rip pages from books when they needed access to writing paper.

Paper Fact #9: Benjamin Franklin was the First Paper Merchant in America.

He subsequently helped to start 18 paper mills.

Paper Fact #10: The Amount of Paper Recycled on a Daily Basis in the USA Would Fill 15 Miles of Train Boxcars.

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