5 Reasons Consumers Prefer Sustainable Brands
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20th February 2020
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5 Reasons Consumers Prefer Sustainable Brands

At KikiBag, we believe that sustainable companies are seeing a huge boost in market share thanks to the recent emphasis on the environmental crisis and leading figures like Greta Thunberg. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the sales figures.

Understanding why consumers prefer sustainable brands boils down to emotional response, social ethics, and an increasing understanding of the benefits of sustainable brands for the world. Keep reading the blog as we discuss how improving your own business today can help you see a greater market share of sales and future-proof your business in the face of guaranteed policy changes.

5 Benefits of Sustainable Brands

The benefits of sustainable brands that consumers focus on and why they are now more willing to pay extra for a sustainable product boil down to these top five reasons:

Benefit of Sustainable Brands #1: Users Feel Good When Buying

When you buy a sustainable product, you are casting your vote for the type of world you want to live in. That is the mantra many new conscious consumers are adopting. By buying a sustainable item, they are doing some good for the world. It’s consumerism, but it’s also akin to a charitable act.

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Benefit of Sustainable Brands #2: There is Less Waste

Combined with eco-conscious values, consumers now want products that are sustainably produced and come with as little packaging as possible. The packaging you do use should be sustainably produced and easy to recycle, or able to biodegrade if thrown out. Some switches are simple, like opting for our print-to-order branding bags for your stores or events.

Sustainably sourced from FSC-accredited paper mills here in South Africa — and completely recyclable and biodegradable — simple switches like the Kiki Bag can be attractive to consumers and convenient in their homes.

Benefit of Sustainable Brands #3: Community Building

People want to feel like they are a part of something, and the growing environmental crisis has offered new ways for people to be a part of the global community. Buy sustainable products, go zero waste, reduce your consumption — these are activities can enable you to bond with others, increasing the appeal of sustainable products and packaging like the Kiki Bag for consumers.

Benefit of Sustainable Brands #4: Emphasis on Quality

One way that sustainable brands have gained a greater market share is due to their emphasis on quality. Buy one beautiful thing and have it last a lifetime, instead of replacing an ugly, plastic, single-use item again and again. This emphasis on quality is appealing, but what matters more than that is how the item in question looks on the shelf, in their hands, and in their home. Beautiful custom and sustainably produced Kiki Bag can provide this level of appeal to all of your customers, and it can act like a cult item and branding opportunity when they bring their item home.

Benefit of Sustainable Brands #5: A Way to Help the Environment Crisis

The bad news pouring in from every media outlet can and does have a jarring impact on the psyche of many people around the world. Rather than feeling helpless, many will change their lifestyle and purchasing habits to sustainable brands as an actionable way to help the environment.

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