9 Sustainable Resolutions You Should Make in 2020
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9 Sustainable Resolutions You Should Make in 2020

Keeping the planet happy should be part of anyone’s 2020 resolution. The Kiki Bag team understand that not only are carbon footprint-saving hacks a great way to save money, but they also help you to reduce general waste.

9 Ways to be More Socially Responsible in 2020

Staying eco-friendly shouldn’t mean you have to lose your style, however. Here are your sustainable New Year’s resolutions for the up and coming year. There are many disposables things you can rid your office or home of. https://www.kikibag.co.za/blog/

Resolution #1: Commit to Using Non-Disposables

Disposable items are so handy in the modern age, and yet they are so damaging to the planet. Items that can be dumped with the swing of a peddle-bin lid are often the main culprits of ocean pollution.

Resolution #2: Say Goodbye to Single-Use Straws

If your friends and colleagues can’t bear the thought of a cold drink without a straw, grab them a reusable metal version for their cup.

Resolution #3: Use Re-Usable Wipes

Wiping our desks may be good for our conscience when it comes to germs, but not the planet. Try and opt for a washable, old-fashioned jay-cloth.

Resolution #4: Use Your Own Coffee Cups

Lined with a plastic film, these are often non-recyclable. Encourage a bring-your-own-cup-policy, and incentivise with rewards.

Resolution #5: Say No to Plastic Packets

Crisps, small biscuits, and healthy snacks often come in a crinkly packet that is probably not recyclable. Fruit and veg are not only healthier but also kinder to the planet.

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Resolution #6: Go Paperless Wherever Possible

Paperless is the way to go when it comes to both your business and personal life. So, many of us have grown up jotting down sticky notes and writing memos, but keeping it short and sweet on email or via messaging is the best way to go from now.

Resolution #7: Opt for Paper Goodie Bags

If your business spends plenty of time at industry fairs and conventions, then try and put your giveaways in a paper goodie bag. Many brands ensure that their versions are biodegradable as well as recyclable.

Resolution #8: Optimise Lighting with Motion Sensors

For rooms that don’t need to be fully-lit all the time, why not try motion sensors? Communal rooms, such as bathrooms, could just make do with an energy-saving motion sensor.

Resolution #9: Observe Meatless Mondays

Many people have taken up a meatless Monday or two in their personal regime. So, why not expand this to two or more days? Whether it’s in your family kitchen or office, encourage a no-meat policy for one or more days a week.

Kiki Bag is Your Partner in Sustainable Initiatives in 2020

Reach out to us today to find out how to order your own custom branded paper bags in a variety of style options.

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