10 Tips for Reducing Packaging Waste
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10th March 2020
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Packaging waste is on the rise. There is a reason why it is one of the most contentious issues that businesses need to deal with today. We at KikiBag believe that with bans on plastic packaging coming left, right, and centre, with no winning alternative on the markets, businesses everywhere need to be creative and innovative. Reducing packaging waste offers so many possibilities. Among them are:

  • Money saved by cutting packaging waste,
  • Improving business image by being more green, and
  • Unique and memorable branding opportunities.

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Reducing packaging waste should be seen as an ongoing opportunity for your business. You can reduce packaging waste from your warehouse to the consumer by following the top 10 tips in this blog, namely:

  1. Invest in reusable systems where possible, rather than single-waste items.
  2. Partner with other businesses to sell on easily recyclable waste.
  3. Sort packaging scraps as you go to make recycling easier.
  4. Train your staff on proper sorting methods.
  5. Properly store recyclable waste with baling equipment.
  6. Design innovative packaging with your product in mind.
  7. Encourage a waste-conscious company culture.
  8. Partner with brands that are as committed as you are.
  9. Opt for print-to-order solutions to reduce unnecessary packaging stock.
  10. Include consumer care — aka a “recycle me” notice on the packaging.

The Pillars of Reducing Packaging Waste

To help you focus your efforts, the above tips can be grouped into three categories:

Pillar #1: Design Unique Packaging Solutions Right From the Start

By designing packaging alongside your products, you can offer customers something truly innovative and unique. Packaging offers an experience to customers, and a smart, recyclable or biodegradable packaging solution can wow them and make them remember you.

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Pillar #2: Tackle Packaging Waste at Home & Save

Packaging waste isn’t just an end-consumer issue. You will want to start looking for suppliers that provide recyclable or biodegradable packing solutions themselves. Have your employees sort through this “waste” and bale it for storage. When you have a large volume of sorted recyclable waste, you can partner with recycling centres or other businesses and sell it on to reduce your expenditure.

Pillar #3: Partner with Businesses that Share Your Values

Print-to-order has come a long way from its early days, meaning you can order custom packaging as and when you need it. What matters is that you partner with a company that cares about the same values as you do. This applies to product packaging all the way to an event or carrier packaging. If you want to promote a green eco-conscious brand, you don’t want to send your customers away with plastic bags.

You need sustainably produced, biodegradable and recyclable bags for your business. You also don’t want to over order and end up with thousands of bags you’ll never use. That is why you need high-quality print-to-order paper bags like the ones we offer. They are perfect for your brand and can help you stand out in your store or event.

You can also showcase the fact that your brand packaging is 90% sourced and manufactured by KZN, the FSC accredited paper mill, and proudly made in Pinetown KZN, South Africa. The focus on local production, FSC credited sources, and a commitment to helping your brand stand out is exactly the sort of qualities you need to look for in a packaging provider.

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