5 Ways You Can Keep Your Business Top-of-Mind For Your Clients
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1st September 2020
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1st October 2020

5 Ways You Can Keep Your Business Top-of-Mind For Your Clients

Keeping your business top-of-mind for clients is absolutely essential to having a strong and reputable brand, to retaining customers, and to providing yourself with fantastic marketing opportunities. Other brands and influencers will be more likely to work with you if your brand is instantly recognisable, which is achievable through the use of a branded bag from Kiki Bag.

Aiding Customer Retention with Excellent Marketing

It is excellent marketing that will best improve customer retention, alongside amazing customer service and a top-quality product. Of course, your business already has the second two, so this post will focus on how your marketing, such as the use of a branded gift bag, will help keep customers coming back for more.

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Using Branding to Improve Customer Retention

As part of your marketing, always consider your branding. Ordering branded paper bags could not be easier and contributes to the way your customers view you as a professional business. All customers want to see a brand they recognise and trust, and this comes from packaging, logos, store design, and even uniforms. Branding contributes to all areas of your business’s marketing strategy, as well as acting like a comfort zone for existing customers to rely on.

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Always Have a Branded Gift Bag

In order to best brand yourself, bespoke packaging aids customer retention by making them feel comfortable and at home with a product. If a customer has had an excellent experience with a product, service, or company, they will remember the iconic aspects of them, such as the excellent customer service that would come with receiving a personalised gift bag with their order. This means, in the future, they will be more likely to make further purchases when they see or experience these things again.

Get the Best Logo for Your Branded Gift Bag

Once you have opted for a branded gift bag, ensure the design you are going to print on it is memorable and meaningful – but also not too over-the-top. The best logos are simple but have a purpose. They show a customer what the company is about by reflecting aspects of the staff, the owners, and the product. It is always important to be innovative, but with your logo, it can be best to stick to what you know and not alter it too much or deviate from your brand. This will help your clients stick to what they know: that you are the best at what you do.

Use Digital Marketing to Help Customer Retention

To complement your bags, logos, and branding in general, you should always be looking into alternative ways to improve customer retention. Digital and online marketing can do this by providing existing customers with the opportunity to hear about your latest offers, redeem rewards for being loyal members of any club schemes you run, and to easily browse your other products.

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