How to Choose Which Branded Paper Bag to Use
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11th August 2020
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All Kiki Bag paper bags are bespoke, stylish, and fantastic value for money, so choosing exactly which one to invest in can be a tough decision. Knowing the different styles is essential to picking the right one for your business.

The Uses of a Branded Paper Bag

For creative and innovative ways to use a branded paper bag, check out more Kiki Bag blog posts. The possibilities are almost endless; from elite, high-end businesses using them to hand out gift bags to important clients, to small businesses using personalised paper bags to grow their reputation and recognisability, the versatility of packaging is remarkable.

Branded Paper Bag: Soft Cord Handle

When buying a soft cord handle branded paper bag, the textile cord – which you choose – is slipped through the holes in the top of the bag yourself, giving it an extra personal touch. Depending on where you live, weather will vary, so reinforcing your paper bag with a pre-inserted and punched board is an option.

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Branded Paper Bag: Petersham Tape Satin Ribbon Handle

The most exclusive and luxurious of the options, this satin ribbon handle is to die for. The ribbons are knotted at each end and come in a fantastic variety of colours. This type of Petersham Tape branded paper bag is perfect for treating clients for the birthday or at the end of membership years.

Branded Paper Bag: Cut Out Handle

Another branded paper bag capable of having a reinforced board, of carrying your branding around town, and staying rigid and strong, is the cut out handled bag. With no dangling handles, this bag looks sleek and has clean lines.

Choosing a Branded Paper Bag

Part of knowing how to choose which branded paper bag to use is down to purpose. Your choice may differ depending on whether durability, luxury, or design is your top priority, though all Kiki Bag bags have each in abundance.

You should also know your budget and consider whether your branding and logo would look better with or without handles.

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