The Importance of Innovation in Branding
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24th March 2020
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At Kiki Bag, we realise that there are a lot of businesses out there, and all of them are competing against each other, even if they aren’t in the same industry. After all, you might not be competing for customers or even for business, but you will always be competing for attention.   You need to stand out and be memorable; otherwise, you will fade into the background and have to fight tooth and nail for every sale.

Why is Innovation with Your Branding so Important?

Branding can help you stand out, but sticking with the same-old, same-old is a risk that rarely pays off. You will more likely seem outdated than classic, which is why you always need to find new ways to innovate your branding while still keeping a consistent brand image. Innovation in branding helps with two main areas of your business, keep reading the blog to discover them.

1. It Helps You Stand Out

One, it helps you stand out from the competition, particularly your local and direct competitors. Innovate your branding and you can wow and shock your customers, and the best part is that you don’t need the latest tech to do that. Great packaging, like our sustainably produced bags, can speak volumes about your brand and become a cult-like status symbol with some marketing magic.

2. Ensures You Are Ahead of the Curve

You will never be able to escape trends. Some trends will solidify over time and become critical elements of your industry. Sustainability, for example, will only become more demanding over time because it won’t just be the public rooting for it, governments will be enforcing stricter policies in the future.

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How Can You Innovate Your Branding Efforts?

Innovation is important, but how do you go about innovating your branding? There are a few key ways:

1. Update Your Logo & Design

The first is through visuals. This means updating old or outdated designs for the modern era – remember back in the early days of the internet what Google’s logo was? It’s been updated and modernised and still looks familiar.

These visuals apply to physical branding, like product packaging, signs, or even vehicle wraps. If you need help, hiring a designer is going to go a long way.

2. Let Your Values Speak for Themselves

Let your values speak for themselves. If you produce products in South Africa, put that front and centre. Make it obvious what you care about by highlighting what you do to stay true to your values, and people will recognise and respect you.

3. Go Beyond Marketing

Branding is more than just marketing and visuals, however. It’s how people see and perceive your brand. To really innovate, you need to get out there and get to know your customer base and expand your offerings. If you are a garage, of example, you can offer mechanics classes to teens or traineeships for those who have just graduated. Do this, and you aren’t just a garage, you are a learning institution that families can strive to attend.

KikiBag is Your Partner in Innovative Marketing Methods

Positive associations like this build up your reputation and help you become a household name in your area. Give back, gain a lot. Contact us to find out more.

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