3 Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind in a Post COVID-19 World
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3 Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind in a Post COVID-19 World

At Kiki Bag, we understand that businesses have changed because of COVID-19. They have had to adapt or die in the very meaning of the phrase. Business models are changing currently for two reasons. One, to adapt to social distancing and lockdown measures, but that isn’t the only reason. Customers are changing. This lockdown has had a significant impact on their values and what they expect from a company.

Exploring the Impact that Coronavirus has had on Your Customers’ Expectations

If your business model has changed due to the coronavirus, then it only stands to reason that marketing in a post-COVID-19 world should also change. You need to be able to connect with your customers and their new values and anxieties. Only when you meet them halfway and introduce them to a better way of business can you thrive post-COVID-19.

Understanding How COVID-19 has Changed How We Do Business

COVID-19 has forced businesses to expand their business models. Companies that sold items or services entirely in-store now need to translate their business online. Diversifying your business model to incorporate more income streams allows you to better prepare your business for the future and build on the loyalty of your customers.

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4 Marketing Tips for Retailers to Keep in Mind for the Future

With diverse business offerings, new changing values from your customers, and of course, government regulations to offer, marketing itself has changed. To be a business of the future, you need to get the right message across, so follow these tips:

Marketing Tip #1: Sustainability is a Key Issue

COVID-19 wasn’t all doom and gloom. The emergence of before and after photos of cities as pollution lifted – in some cases so dramatically that the Himalayas were seen for one city – sustainability and the environment is on everyone’s mind.

When marketing, and even when returning to business, it is essential that we move away from polluting tactics and try to find alternative, more eco-friendly solutions that are in line with the world that we want to see. Start small and build bigger; our eco-friendly bags are a wonderful, sustainable alternative to plastic bags, for example.

Your customers have had a breath of fresh air, so continue to be the green beacon.

Marketing Tip #2: Small is Good

People are also hyper-aware of how important their small, local businesses are to their everyday life. You can promote this concept by:

  1. Advertising yourself as a proud local business
  2. Partnering with other local businesses
  3. Working to create a community vibe for everyone under lockdown

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You have such a great opportunity right now. People are dormant for the first time in forever, meaning that they are ready to discover their local treasures. By using social media marketing, SEO, and PPC marketing you can let your local customers know that you are there, and you are a business worthwhile.

Marketing Tip #3: Diversifying Business Models Need Diversified Marketing Strategies

Every new business branch needs its own marketing strategy. If you have decided to create a series of paid cooking webinars to accompany your bakery, then you need to advertise both your bakery and your cooking classes. Don’t try to lump in new business strategies into the same marketing campaign.

Marketing Tip #4: Social Media is King

Content is king, but in terms of introducing your customers to any content you produce and publish on your website, social media is going to be your best bet. People are spending more time online than ever before, meaning now is a great time to grow a thriving audience for your business, starting with social media. Use your new fans and interest to direct their attention to any delivery models or online content you have.

Kiki Bag is Your Sustainable Packaging Partner

Let KikiBag elevate your brand to the next level in this post-coronavirus era we now find ourselves in. Simply fill in the form below to find out more or request a quote and we will contact you without delay.

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