COVID-19 Safety Measures in The Packaging Industry
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COVID-19 Safety Measures in The Packaging Industry

The Coronavirus outbreak is creating challenges in practically every industry, particularly the packaging industry, where there are vital issues to address. At Kikibag, we understand that it is especially difficult when there is still not a huge amount known about the virus and how long it can last on surfaces.

2 Key Issues Relating to Coronavirus

As an industry that is centred on handling items and transporting them to every corner of the country, it is clear that many key issues need to be addressed so that packaging companies can operate safely during these troubling times. Here at Kiki Bag, we are paying close attention to Government guidelines; keep reading the blog as we discuss developments from experts to make sure that we are operating safely and responsibly during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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1. Safety Measures

This includes carefully monitoring staff and ensuring a safe distance is always maintained along with sending those home to self-isolate that present symptoms. We also make sure that staff are always using gloves to stop any transmission occurring to products – it is unclear how long the virus can survive on surfaces, but safety is paramount during this time.

2. Sustainable but Safe

Interestingly, the trend towards sustainability when it comes to packaging is now being highlighted in a different light during the Coronavirus outbreak. Reusable packaging has environmental benefits, but in the current climate, it could be a risk by spreading the infection. This means that single-use packaging has the edge right now because it limits the handling/access to inner products. This is evident with Starbucks recently temporarily stopping refills with reusable cups as a direct result of the pandemic.

You can rest assured knowing that our custom branded paper bags are sustainable and biodegradable but will not have been used by anyone else so they are completely safe to use during this time.

KikiBag Gets It

Safety measures in the packaging industry are paramount right now due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Here at Kiki Bag, we are taking matters extremely seriously and have taken strong measures to protect our customers, our staff, and public health. Contact us to find out more.

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