Creative Uses for Paper Bags
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2nd May 2020
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At this point, the current situation seems to be taking its toll on everyone. With kids not being able to go out and play with their friends or attend classes, stir craziness is becoming the norm.

3 More Things You Can Do with Paper Bags

Thankfully, there are a few creative uses for paper bags that could really come in handy by keeping everyone entertained for a while.

1. Put on a Puppet Show

One of the most fun and interactive things that you can do with paper bags is to put on a puppet show. Bring out the paints and stickers, along with any other crafting supplies that you have, and have everyone make their own puppet using a paper bag.

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Then, spend some time together coming up with a fun storyline. You can even try to re-enact your kids’ favourite story or book. Take things a step further by creating a stage complete with curtains.

After a bit of rehearsal, you can take the time to put on a fun show that everyone can take part in. If you record a video of the production, it means that you can all watch it again later together for family entertainment.

2. Make Beautiful Lanterns

For a fun project that can light up the night, make some paper bag lanterns. Use pencils to trace out some designs, then take scissors and cut out the tracings. There are patterns available online to help you make your designs if you need them.

It isn’t recommended that you use an open flame or candle in your lantern for obvious reasons. However, a small torch or battery-powered tea light will do the trick just fine. Make sure that you weigh down the lanterns if you are going to place them outside. You can also set them in the windows of your house for anyone who chances to walk by to enjoy.

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These can also make for some excellent night lights for any young children who still like the comfort of a little light to help them sleep. Use a battery-powered candle that has a natural flicker effect to it for a soothing and relaxing light to help them drift off to dreamland.

3. Go on a Treasure Hunt

A great way to couple a paper bag craft with an activity is to plan out a family treasure hunt. Paper bags make excellent treasure maps as you can easily distress them to make them appear old and ragged. Plot out a route around your house so your kids can find some hidden treasure, or you can create a list of items that they need to collect for a scavenger hunt.

If you think your kids might end up going for it, you could use a treasure map to try to get some chores out of them. You could write out a list of things they need to do around the house, like pick up toys or make their beds to discover the hidden treasure.

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