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14th May 2019
Why We Love Personalized Gifts So Much

Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are a great way for a company to let their clients know that they value their business relationship. These gifts can include branded calendars, […]
14th May 2019

How Brands Can Get Personal With Consumers

Personalising your marketing strategies implies that your brand will collect data from your customers and use this data to create customised marketing experiences for them. The […]
26th Apr 2019

Using Custom Gifts to Establish Your Brand

It has become common practice for businesses to make use of custom gifts to assist in establishing their brands. Using customs gifts to establish your brand […]
8th Apr 2019
Recycling is a great way to help your business go green.

5 More Ways to Help your Business Go Green

There are so many benefits your business will experience when you make the decision to go green. Besides the obvious benefits, which is a healthier planet […]
26th Mar 2019
Kiki Bags recommend a corporate gift that can be used regularly, such as a diary, calendar or mug.

The Ultimate Corporate Gift-Giving Guide

Corporate gifts are a small way in which companies show their appreciation for their clients. This is beneficial for both parties, as customers feel appreciated and […]
13th Mar 2019
At Kiki Bag, we recommend quality entertainment for a successful product launch.

3 Tips for Planning a Successful Product Launch Event

Planning an event for a product launch is can exciting, yet nerve-racking time. There are so many aspects to consider, the main one being how can […]
28th Feb 2019

An Insider’s Look at The Types of Recycled Paper

There are two main types of recycled paper, both of which add value (or conserve value) within a circular economic chain. In a commercial world, waste […]
15th Feb 2019
Recycle your kiki bags

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

Recycling of traditional materials such as glass, tins, paper, cardboard and plastic has been around for ages, and have been generally well-supported. Even ten years ago, […]
31st Jan 2019

Shop Smart: Eco-Friendly Shopping Habits to Learn

The supermarket is possibly the bane of the environmentally conscious persons existence! A ton of plastic bags, double wrapped fruits and veg, and polystyrene as far […]
14th Jan 2019

How to Reuse Christmas Gift Bags

Every year, the month of December is dominated by gift giving and receiving, and whilst it is a very heartwarming time of year, it is also […]