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1st Jul 2020
Beautiful paper bags from Kiki Bags in South Africa

3 Reasons Shoppers Prefer Paper Bags over Plastic

Investigating the various options available in terms of your product packaging and in-store bags is a task that requires plenty of thought. This is especially true […]
4th Jun 2020
a closeup photograph of a goodie bag

5 Tips for Assembling the Ultimate Goodie Bag

At Kiki Bag, we believe that goodie bags are great marketing tools, but far too many people don’t put the effort or investment in them that […]
1st Jun 2020
a mug that reads “HUSTLE” on it

3 Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind in a Post COVID-19 World

At Kiki Bag, we understand that businesses have changed because of COVID-19. They have had to adapt or die in the very meaning of the phrase. […]
25th May 2020
paper bag lanterns

Creative Uses for Paper Bags

At this point, the current situation seems to be taking its toll on everyone. With kids not being able to go out and play with their […]
2nd May 2020
a hand offering a small wicker basket containing confections

3 More Corporate Gift Ideas to Try in 2020

Whether you are looking to acknowledge the hard work of your team for their efforts this past year, or if you want to simply show appreciation […]
9th Apr 2020
a sign that reads “goggles must be worn”

COVID-19 Safety Measures in The Packaging Industry

The Coronavirus outbreak is creating challenges in practically every industry, particularly the packaging industry, where there are vital issues to address. At Kikibag, we understand that […]
1st Apr 2020
a paper-wrapped gift

The Importance of Innovation in Branding

At Kiki Bag, we realise that there are a lot of businesses out there, and all of them are competing against each other, even if they […]
24th Mar 2020
a dirt heap of used consumable packaging

10 Tips for Reducing Packaging Waste

Packaging waste is on the rise. There is a reason why it is one of the most contentious issues that businesses need to deal with today. […]
10th Mar 2020
a tree branch threaded through a white tag

5 Reasons Consumers Prefer Sustainable Brands

At KikiBag, we believe that sustainable companies are seeing a huge boost in market share thanks to the recent emphasis on the environmental crisis and leading […]
20th Feb 2020
a pile of paper planes

10 Facts about the Paper Industry You Didn’t Know

The pulp and paper industry has long since been an integral function of the world. A high number of products are made from paper or paper […]